you need
  • - phone;
  • - a computer with Internet access.
Call management company (HCS, Deux, GREP, REU).Phone number and address of the company is usually listed in the "management agreement" concluded between the apartment owners and management company (CC).If you lose the contract, pay attention to the ads, posted at the entrance door, on the first floor and in the elevator.Often, they are given contact numbers of the Criminal Code.Also, ask around elderly tenants - they usually know the phone number of the control room of the Criminal Code.
If plumber needed at night or on the weekend, please contact the emergency service life.Room service can be found in the directory service of the city.
Try to find plumbing online.Type in the search string "call plumbing ยป and select your city.C
arefully review all ads.If time allows you to call several numbers, talk with the experts to find out what price they will demand for services.Find out whether the master license for plumbing work.
To find plumbing for planned work such as the replacement of cranes, production counters, etc.Create a theme in a local forum with a request to recommend a good specialist.Besides phone numbers, you will get a feedback on the master.
go to the store that sells plumbing parts and components.Sales consultants at these stores are usually familiar with regular customers and will be able to advise you of a professional.
If you have friends in the construction companies, call them on their own or try to apply to any company.Developers are constantly dealing with different masters.In the process, they have formed their own opinion about pricing, quality of work and professionalism of the hired professionals.Perhaps they will share with you a number of good plumbing .