towel towel are heating, electrical, water and combined.First built in the heating system, but not adapted to the low quality of water used in the heating pipes Russian apartments.Electric installed in any convenient place in the bathroom, where there is a possibility of connection to the power supply.The most popular are water, permanently mounted in the hot water system.So primitive towel rail were equipped bathrooms in old houses - that acted as a bent pipe, designed to compensate for the change in the linear dimensions of the pipe when the temperature drops - powered off and on hot water.

modern design towel, of course, is different from a piece of bent
pipe covered with oil paint.Now it is a separate device that can be made from ferrous, galvanized, or stainless steel with a thickness of 3 mm, as well as non-ferrous metal: brass, copper and zinc.These towel warmers do not need additional decorative design or painting - their shiny or matte surfaces are protected against corrosion, fit perfectly into the interior bathrooms, harmonizing with shower racks, mixers and cranes.

Today towel rail - not only practical and functional part of sanitary equipment, a full-fledged design element.This applies to any crackers - and simple, with U, S, or M-shaped form, and more complex, called design radiators, and similar to the Swedish ladders and other intricate designs in the style of hi-tech.

Pros and cons of water towel

main water towel warmer indisputable advantage is its economy.Built-in hot water, it operates with it, and you do not need to pay extra it work.But this dependence on the availability of hot water in the pipes is also a minus - in the event of an accident or a planned trip it will be as cold as the rest of the pipe.Yet the shortcomings can be attributed to the complexity of the installation, you need the expertise, or visiting a plumber.But these disadvantages completely compensate for its safety and efficiency.Water heated towel rail - the best option for use in urban apartments.

What you need to know when choosing a water heated towel rail

choosing the material of which will be manufactured heated towel rail, please note that pipes made of nonferrous metals, though look at some of the interiors of a stylish, very susceptible to the damaging effects of some impurities that are contained in hot water, becauseRussian requirements to its quality are low.This is especially noticeable in the bend pipe which can gradually deposited precipitate, which leads to their complete clogging of a few years.The advantages of brass, zinc and copper dryers, in addition to a variety of different shapes and colors, can be attributed to the absence of a weld - used for the manufacture of seamless tubes.All steel pipes are welded seams, but if the conditions are met state standards, such towel easily withstand high operating pressure and its fluctuations, and to use them more reliable and durable.Guarantees for domestic manufacturers of stainless steel drying the highest - up to 7 years.

Before you buy a towel warmer, find out what is the diameter of the tubes in the hot water system in your home.Usually, it is 1 inch or 2.45 cm. Many such devices tube imported have a diameter of 0.5 or 0.75 inch. Note the connectivity options: bottom, sideways, diagonally.Many models are equipped with a universal version, but there are those that can only be installed diagonally or horizontally.

Another issue - conventional or rotary instrument to choose?Rotary drying can be rotated around the axis of the mount 180, a tight seal while providing seals, which are imported performed quite easily damaged, not maintaining consistently high operating pressure and it jumps, especially frequent during the preparation for the winter season.There is a limit on the weight of the laundry, which you can place on such a heated towel rack - up to 5 kg. When buying, check for documentation and product warranty.It should be at least 1 year.

If you collect multiple responses of consumers, it can be concluded that most good option to install in apartments with centralized water supply - domestic production of heated towel rails from polished stainless steel with additional internal protective coating.Such devices are well tolerated operating pressure differential and resistant to the aggressive action of impurities in the process water, and therefore last a long time.