you need
  • • Drill or punch with a set of drill bits for concrete.
  • • Building level 1 meter.
  • • Screwdrivers of various sizes and shapes.
  • • Nut and wrenches.
  • • Sealant for baths.
  • • Hermetic seal.
  • • Flexible hoses for water supply.
first step make the scheme - a layout showers and other items in the bathroom.In terms of the actual mark all sizes.In preparing the plan and note the distance of 40 cm, which is to stay around the shower.
purchasing booth right in the store, check your package.All the necessary fittings and glass should be packed into a soft material.When the car will be delivered to your home, check the integrity of the glass and
plastic items.
installation process itself is divided into several stages:
• Installation of the pallet.
• Align the pallet on the floor.
• Installing side panels and windows.
• Connection accessories, auxiliary equipment.
first step placed on pallets leg.They are screwed into the special guides and secured nut.
Then use levels align tray in place.Do not rush immediately to tighten the lock nut legs, because in addition will need to trim the feet.After that, the screen is mounted siphon and shower.
cabin panels often have on the edges of the grooves, and which are going through the wall.When working with glass panels is recommended to use a colorless sealant, rather than the usual.When applying sealant on the tray, make sure that the composition does not enter the drainage holes.
shower doors are usually mounted on roller blocks, as well as in the wardrobe.By installing the door into place, be sure to adjust the density of their fit to the body of the cab.This is done using the bolt on the top roller unit.Then you need to close all connections with plugs.
on the cab roof, set watering, lighting and, if necessary, fan.When installing all the elements are sealed with sealant.Also connected to the supply hose watering.Only after that the roof which can be installed in place.Set it on the screws, and treated with sealant.
After the installation of the roof is necessary to connect all communications: hoses, wiring, drain.The last step is carried out on the cabin realign level.