Embedded washing machines can save space.Placed in the kitchen cupboard, they do not attract attention, while successfully cope with their functional tasks.

methods to install and connect

first machine installed in a cabinet or niche.The main condition for the correct placement of the floor surface is smooth, it is necessary for the smooth operation of the machine.Next you need to connect the machine to the water supply.Well, if the communications are located on the end of a washing machine, and not behind it, otherwise it will be difficult to make a connection.

can be connected to the water supply in three ways:

- using the clutch, which is worn on the water pipe;
- to connect to the mixer tap via a tee;
- with the help of pipe fittings.

crimp sleeves

connection using crimp
sleeve, which consists of two halves, the tightening screw, is not difficult.You must purchase a collar that is crimped water pipe with cold water.Then the coupling is firmly fixed with screws, and then, after turning off the water, drill a hole is made through the clutch pipe.

further into the sleeve is screwed special ball valve.With an intake hose, which supplied the machine, you must connect the hose to the ball valve.

Crane Tee

This connection is more suitable for washing machines, located next to the mixer.In the section of the flexible hose is inserted into the tap tees that will overlap the water to the washing machine, without affecting the operation of the mixer.The junction of the crane to the pipe better seal with a special tape.

fitting tee

Connection with fittings for water pipeline with plastic pipes.In this case, the pipe is cut in a suitable place, a fitting is inserted into the incision, the tap fitted to the ball valve.The package also includes a fitting means for sealing compounds.

connection to the sewerage

To connect the water drain from the washing machine to the sewer, you should buy a siphon, which is a plastic knee with a tap for the machine, which is worn hose.It is important to arrange the removal of the bent knee of the siphon to the so-respected relationship with the atmosphere, or the washing machine will pump and drained simultaneously.

After the work is sufficient to establish the hinged door on the cabinet, which was installed the machine, after which it can be ready for use.