Central heating radiators are now available in every apartment house.Schedule their inclusion does not depend on the wishes of the residents, but this does not mean that the apartment, equipped with batteries, handyman nowhere a hand.The main enemy of central heating are cracks in window frames.Be sure to locate and seal the each of them.Replace broken glass, even if cracks are small.In winter, cover the windows, but so that in the spring they could easily lead to the original state.Change the windows with plastic is not necessarily because the usual, with wooden frames, if you wish, you can insulate as efficiently.
happens that with the onset of cold weather delayed utilities including central heating.During this period, use heaters of different designs.The best of them - oil, they are qui
te safe, but take up space and slowly heated.Most small-sized heaters.Among them, select a one in which the heating element can be disconnected without disconnecting the engine, and thus in summer it can be used as a conventional fan.Eliminate heating apartments reflectors with open spiral and quartz heaters - they are extremely fire hazard, as well as home-made devices, for example, consisting of a spiral wound around the brick.Any heating devices connect only to a working electrical outlet.All scorched plug these devices replace with serviceable.Do not let the total power consumption of all electrical appliances in the apartment more than 2.2 kW.Also remember that the heaters consume much more energy than any other household appliances.Do not use them for too long, for the opportunity to dress the house warmer.
Remember that heating , as well as lighting, divided into general and local.Electric heater consumes much less power than any of the heaters, for the reason that the whole room is not heated, but only warms the user.
When the batteries still will include the use of any electrical heaters stop.Central heating always designed in such a way that its power enough to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home.If it is not, perform the elimination of cracks (cm. Above).
Never use heating apartments devices that are not designed for this.These include, in particular, gas and electric stoves, hair dryers, any small-sized electrical appliances designed for cooking.All are designed to work in intermittent mode, while heating - in duration.