Choice hygienic shower

Installing the toilet hygienic shower instead of a bidet will allow you to save on money and installation time.And when the time comes to clean the toilet, hygienic shower just come to the rescue - in fact it can be used to recruit and water in the tank, and quickly wash the toilet itself.By the way, hygienic capita tend to prefer young mothers - and the pot after the child can be put in order, and to wash the baby ass.

hygienic design of the soul "cover-bidet" has some features.The mixer, which is located in the toilet lid is electric and controlled by the console.It can be used to heat water and to use instead of the dry
er.So get ready to shell out - this kind of hygienic shower is very cheap.

Another type of construction - "shower toilet".In appearance it is nozzle or choke her.Such souls can be extended, and it is located in the sink bowl.Mixer for this type of structure, it will likely have to buy separately.
If hygienic shower built into the wall, it is called a wall.A tiny tube-shaped watering can comes from the mixer.It is very convenient to sum to the body when it's time for the next sanitary procedures.This design most affordable and fairly easy to install.

Features installation of hygienic shower

It so happens that the sink and toilet are next.In this case, it is advisable to install hygienic shower is in the sink.It is known that as a result of prolonged use may faucets leak, but the sink to eliminate this problem much easier.It is better if the mixer will have a spout.If you do not want every time to manually adjust the required temperature of the water, the better to buy a mixer with a built-in thermostat.This will provide significant water savings.A possible pressure drop in the system simply will not be felt.

When installing hygienic shower instead of the popular plastic pipes better take-up of copper.It is necessary to more quickly eliminate possible leaks.

mixer is necessary to fix a special sanitary plate which is mounted on the wall.The water in the mixer is fed by flexible hoses, fastened between them and the wall plate.When the faucet is installed, it is screwed to the very hygienic shower.