Select the material of the product.If you do not take into account such as the exclusive glass, gold or plastic, the basic material for manufacturing bidet are porcelain and earthenware.Appearance of the products of this material is practically identical and non-specialists is extremely difficult to distinguish them "by eye".Particularly if they are covered with high-quality coating.However, the price of faience and porcelain is very different.What's the difference?
porcelain production technology is more expensive, and the quality of the finished product exceeds porcelain count
erparts.The main characteristic that places these materials in a variety of levels, is the degree of porosity and, consequently, the hygroscopicity.The degree of porosity of porcelain is very small.This quality affects the durability of the product, its ability to reject various pollutants and odors.Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the term of service as porcelain and earthenware large enough.Faience bidet last you 30-40 years old, porcelain - 50-60.However, be aware that the cheaper material from which made plumbing, the more effort will have to spend in the care of her.
Pick design bidet depending on liner sewage.Release bidet must match the entry sewer riser.By design issue distinguish vertical, horizontal and oblique bidet .
fixing plumbing methods are different.Bidet can be floor or overhead.The second method of mounting is modern and, in addition, saves space in the bathroom.As a rule, the method of fixing the toilet and bidet match.This makes it possible to hide all communications under a single panel.
Choosing bidet , do not forget that as a rule, the sanitary equipment is placed next to the toilet.Ideally, when the toilet bowl and bidet are complete, or at least released manufacturer in the same series.
If the size of the toilet room did not establish a separate sanitary unit, it is recommended to pay attention to kryshki- bidet or combined models.