you need
  • pliers, screwdriver, rubber gasket or cartridge
First of all, it should be understood that different types of mixers are characterized by their types of faults.If you have a twin valve, the main breakdown it can be wear rubber gaskets, covering the inlet.When significant wear pad stops to withstand water pressure, valve starts to flow.Establish the cause of the fault, replace the gasket.
Prepare in advance a new gasket.In the trading network can be found lining the different types and forms.In order not to make the wrong choice, take the store to sample the old gasket to know exactly the diameter and other dimensions.Having the new gasket, turn off the water and disasse
mble the faucet.In place of the old set a new gasket and reassemble the mixer.Including water, check whether the leak has disappeared.
If you replace the gasket leak continues, it is likely that there is another fault - seat wear.Saddle called place in a mixer, in which rubber packing abuts.To resolve this issue, you can purchase a special milling cutter and insert it into the faucet body.Installation cutters perform, either manually or using a screwdriver.Then, replace the new gasket.The leak must disappear.
If you have a kitchen installed now popular single-lever mixer, the most likely cause of the malfunction could be the failure of a special cartridge.It is a basic element of the system and can be a ball or disc.Repair of the mixer start with the inspection.One sign of trouble cartridge is leaking water on top of the lever.
establish the cause of the fault, turn off the water, and then disassemble the valve and remove the old cartridge.Take it with you to the store as a sample.Consider when choosing that disk cartridges do not fit ball mixer and vice versa.Make sure that the cartridge that you get exactly matches your model including labeling.
new cartridge gently slide into place and reassemble the mixer.Open water and make sure the device is working properly.