Bathrooms are small in size, not only in older homes, but also in new buildings.In such areas the installation full baths can cause great difficulties, but replace the plumbing can be more modern facilities - shower, which saves space in the bathroom.

to build and install a shower, you can invite the appropriate specialist, but it is best to save money and do the work yourself, it is necessary only to have an idea about how to attach all the details and supply hoses.

Self assembly shower

If the dimensions of the bathroom do not allow to assemble on-site, and a separate installation is difficult, it is better to collect a shower in another room, and, in several stages.After that, all the collected items can be transferr
ed in the bathroom, to carry out on-site dosborku and finish adjustment.

Self-assembly of the shower stall can save not only on services garbage, but plumbing.But in this case it is necessary to strictly adhere to the instructions supplied with the shower.

Where to start to assemble and install the shower?

entire workflow begins with the assembly of the pallet stall.This element should be set to a certain height, which will provide a normal drain.In order during the assembly it does not hurt, it is desirable to produce work in a spacious room.Assemble in stages: first installed fasteners, then on-site booths made fitting tray.The following turn the pan and set special pins, which can be screwed power elements and nuts, secure and flexible siphon hose.

you should also adjust the power frame using a spirit level, fix the power structure by installing the screws.After this is enough to turn the pallet and adjust to the desired height of his legs.Care should be taken so that the lowest point of the drain was placed 5 cm above the tee sewer.

to the sewer tee, connect the hose and carry out its sealing.In order that the load is evenly distributed on the pallet, the legs should be additionally set and adjust their height.Do not forget to connect to the water system hoses.After these works can be installed according to the instructions all the glass enclosure.