you need
  • tools for plumbing repairs,
  • new gaskets and hoses,
  • gloves.
First of all, you must block access to the faulty water valve to when troubleshooting occurred inadvertently flooded.Also prepare a rag and a bucket, in the event of a water leak, you can quickly locate flooded.We must work with gloves as the dirt that accumulates in pipes, not easily washed.Start repair necessary immediately to identify the fault.If the water goes bad, then use a rubber plunger.Try to clean the clogged it.However, it is not always possible.In order to avoid such congestion, from time to time use cleaners such as "mole."They liquefy the accumulation of dust an
d dirt and help to maintain the purity of the pipes, as well as extend their lifespan.You can also clean the pipe with a steel cable.It is necessary to remove all the traps and start to gently push the cable until it stops.Periodically, it is necessary to rotate.
order not to suffer each time a pipe cleaning, you can thread the nylon cord.To do this, remove all the traps.Thread the nylon cord so that it came from the other end of the pipe.The presence of such a cord will not interfere in any way, because it is very thin.Note that you only need to use nylon cord!It nylon least susceptible to external influences.If instead will use a regular string, it quickly rots from the constant presence of water, and will be an indirect cause of the blockage.From time to time you need to clean the pipe.To do this, remove all the traps.On one end of the little pull cord.Put on a button and iron braces.Button must not be very small, but not very big.Brackets should be attached so that they formed a kind of iron brush, which will clean the inside of the pipe.
very often faced with the fact that the toilet tank stops working.The reason is either clogging the hose or leaky float.In the first case you need to clean the hoses, if necessary, replace them with new ones.The second requires the replacement of the float.If you can not buy a new float, the need to dismantle the old and dry it thoroughly.After that, make a bag for him from the dense polyethylene.Put a float in the bag and carefully solder it.Make sure the water does not get into the bag, otherwise the float will not perform its function.
If plumbing has been in operation for a long time, the water begins to trickle through joints plumbing parts.The reason is damaged gaskets.It is necessary to disassemble the parts and replace the gaskets with new ones.If suddenly you can not buy new pads, you can get old, clean them.Then you need to set them back and lay on top of several rings of thread.Now assemble the parts back and test the plumbing.