Tip 1: How to make a bath

Even the newest and snow-white bath ever lose its original shape and will not change for the better.If this has already happened - not in a hurry to get upset.Take advantage of the restoration of its bath again to make your bath attractive and well-groomed.
not need any repairs and replace the entire bath - just install the bath acrylic liner.This method is currently the most common.In fact, the liner - this is a new bath, made from high quality Austrian acrylic.The only difference from self bath liner that serves as a skeleton for a bath is, instead of epoxy layer.This technology has its advantages, combining quality and acrylic and metal bathtubs.In addition, this method will cost much cheaper than installing a new bath.The time for installation of the liner is not more than 2 hours, it is 15 to 20 years!Awesome.But there is one "but" - for owners of non-standard forms of baths, this method is not suitable.
Application of the new enamel - a way as proven as the old one.Prepar
ation for enamelling simple as 2 * 2 - get rid of the fat and dirt and apply a primer.The rest will take the enamel.This method is generally the most expensive.New True enamel on the bath does not rest as long as the factory - this is the lack of enamelling.But amid low prices and have an advantage - painted enamel bath as often as possible.
Finally, the youngest and most stylish way to make bath such as it was at purchase - a liquid acrylic, which is filled with a bath.This bath filler - development of domestic, which also does not require any installation.Implement brandy is so elementary that they can take advantage of anyone.Pours liquid acrylic baths from all sides, the edges.Whereupon it flows down, thus filling all the irregularities and microcracks.Of course, the drying acrylic liquid from days to 4.But in the end you get a kind of acrylic liner, but its main advantage is that it is suitable for absolutely any bathroom and can not serve one decade.

Tip 2: How to make acrylic bathtub

If the bath for long years of service received a chipped enamel and it formed rust resistant, it's time to change it.Buying a new bath is expensive and installation - troublesome.The optimal solution is the restoration of liquid acrylic or purchase acrylic liner to the old tub .In both cases, the work does not take much time, and a bathtub looks brand new.
How to make acrylic bathtub
you need
  • 1) liquid acrylic;
  • 2) a curing agent;
  • 3) a rubber spatula.
Strip All bath rust and enamel gloss using a drill and sanding disc.Work in a respirator and goggles.Carefully remove the dust and wash away the remnants of her water.Dry bath hairdryer and degrease if necessary.Bath ready for filling with acrylic or acrylic liner installation.
Isolate and plug the drain and overflow to avoid getting liquid acrylic into drains.Dilute the liquid acrylic hardener and place in a container with acrylic bath for convenience.From the tank out of the curing agent to do the watering can acrylic, from which will fill bath , to cut at an angle of the upper part of the tank.
Cover the paste over the floor and the walls at the outer corners of the bath paper not to soil their liquid acrylic.Protect hands with rubber gloves.Start to fill with bath beads, acrylic flows under its own weight in bath th form perfectly flat surface.
with a spatula to fill not drenched locations on the rim and straighten the bottom of the tub.After two hours, remove the insulation from the drain and overflow, change the grid.After 36 hours you can use the bathroom.The service life of the restored liquid acrylic bath is 10-15 years.
Acrylic bathtubs hold heat well, the water is not cool for an hour.
Water in acrylic bath is filled quietly.On acrylic
not delayed rust and dirt are easily washed all the usual dish detergent.
Helpful Hint
work of filling and leveling of liquid acrylic to be performed quickly enough, as it freezes.Therefore it is better to invite the master bath on the restoration.

When installing acrylic liner remove the sides of the bath on the slopes of tiles to install the liner and quality in the process of using the bathroom under it does not leak water.
Helpful Hint
As you can see, not necessarily buy new bath and do assembly and disassembly.To restore your bath can, spending much less money.And the effect will not be worse than that of the new shiny tub.