Use bidet

Doctors recommend to follow the example of Europeans and Americans, setting the toilet bidet.The fact that, according to research results, the use of this device significantly reduces the risk of diseases of the rectum. particularly effective use of the bidet as a prophylactic or additional "medicine" from hemorrhoids, which, unfortunately, is a common disease.

use of bidet - one of the additional preventive measures against cystitis, urethritis, genital herpes.Moreover, thanks it possible to get rid of skin irritation that often occurs due to sweating.

Bidet very useful for women, especially in the critical days, because it allows you to observe hygiene, without taking too much bath.Regular use of this device protects the delicate female body from harmfu
l bacteria, the effects of which he is particularly vulnerable during menstruation.Finally, a bidet - a very necessary thing for pregnant women.It allows expectant mothers, especially in recent months, strict hygiene, without spending forces on frequent visits to the bathroom. Pregnant women are very convenient to use a bidet, as it greatly facilitates cleaning the process and makes it safe.

Why bidet considered luxury

Unfortunately, bidets often not considered a device that must be installed at each lavatory and a luxury.This is primarily due to the fact that sellers are advised to buy such a thing for the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women - in other words, for those who have difficulty with hygiene.In fact, appropriate to use a bidet and a young, healthy people.

often affects the force of habit.It can be hard to understand that the use of toilet paper alone is not enough to meet the requirements of hygiene, since a long time, people treated only to her.However, doctors hope that in time will become a bidet as a natural complement to the toilet as a toilet.

Another problem lies in the fact that bathrooms and toilets are too small, and set them additional plumbing is very difficult.But in fact, there is now not only a great bidet, and a special device that can be built into the toilet.They do not take up space in the room, but the quality will be able to carry out their functions.