Bath: advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of the bathroom, because of which many have not been able to exchange it for the shower - it can lie down and soak in the foam after a hard day, especially if the bath functionwhirlpool.

bathe a small child in the shower tray to you, too, will fail.A plastic tub for babies to the 3rd month are cramped for active movement loving toddler.Although now we began to produce models with high and deep pan.

Hand wash now, though not so often, but also included in the list hostess.A shower tray is not suitable for small "postirushki."

Bath is very easy to care for,
can not be said about the shower.Limescale from all small parts of panels, doors you have to clean up after every wash - and that your valuable time and effort.
The bathroom is practically no public instrument, and therefore there is nothing to break.While breaking the shower can catch you by surprise.

Dial bath can be almost any, even the most minimal water pressure.And even if the tap runs only cold or hot, in the end you will still be able to take a bath.What can be said about the soul.

With all the undeniable merits of the bath has its drawbacks.Firstly, to the bathroom, you can feel comfortable to lie down and relax, it should be large and comfortable.So it will take precious centimeters square, that you can use for the installation of a washing machine or the necessary tables under the underwear.Not everyone is ready to sacrifice for those 15 minutes of pleasure.

Shower: advantages and disadvantages

For people who do not like taking a bath, and are quite happy to restrict daily invigorating shower, shower - the most appropriate choice.

main plus cabin - it is compact, and the speed and ease of the procedure.And safety.You do not have to clean the pan as well as a bath and get water.When using the shower did not have to climb over high boards.For children and the elderly are often the latter becomes a real problem with traumatic situations.In addition, the cab includes seat, so you need to elderly and sick people.

Shower also protect against splashes and puddles on the floor, flooding the neighbors.In many models, there are so many booths additional functions: contrast and a rain shower, whirlpool, ventilation, speakerphone for your mobile phone, multi-level and color lights, radio, sauna and aromatherapy.Every whim for your money.

But shower has its drawbacks.If your house is bad water pressure, some additional functions can not be switched.In addition, as mentioned above, it will be difficult to bathe the baby, wash clothes, you will not be able to take a bath.

If you just can not make a final choice between a shower and bathtub, the modern market offers especially for such customers gidroboksom - something between a bath and shower.Representing an increase to the size of the bath shower with a deep tray.