you need
  • electrical tape,
  • enema,
  • gidrouroven,
  • wire with a diameter of 2-4 mm made of hardened steel,
  • bucket,
  • hot water,
  • clippers,
  • hose
  • copper two-wire,
  • compressor or pump,
  • fork outlet,
  • barrel of 100 liters,
  • boiler,
  • plastic pipe with a tap at one end.
method defrosting plastic pipes:
Straighten steel wire, and then expand gidrouroven.The end of the wire loop wrap.Attach the loop tape to one end of the tube gidrourovnya.Gidrourovnya head should protrude approximately 1 cm. Secure the wire with electrical tape and level.
gidrourovnya Attach the other end to the enema.Propihnite steel wire with a pipe in a pipe gidrourovnya where frozen water.To push through until gidrouroven abuts the formed ic
Start typing enema hot water.As soon as the ice melts, push through the wire with gidrourovnya continue throughout the plastic pipe.Put a bucket at the end of the pipeline.It should be borne in mind that how much hot water is entered into the pipeline, and will pour as much of it cold.
Then remove upper insulation from copper wire.Next, remove the insulation from only one entry.The other transactions, which, in isolation, bend in the opposite direction.
Wind bare wiring five turns at one end of the wire.Wrap so that all coils placed next to each other tightly.Bite the excess end of the wire cutters, which without isolation.Strip the other postings, departing from the end turns of about 3 mm, and wrap it as much as the first time.
At the other end of the wire, attach the plug.Thus, you get a device that is also called - burbulyatorami.Stick the copper wire into the tube all the way into the ice, then gently turn Burbulyator the outlet.Slightly propihnite carried through the pipe, while the bare end should rest on ice.If defrosted at least a meter of ice, the water should be pumped by the compressor and continue to defrost.
puts a plastic tube in stasis water so that the end of the crane remained on the outside.Including pumps, pumped through a plastic pipe hot water into the water supply.File off the water, substituting tap bucket.Alternate sink of cold water and hot water supply to full unfrozen water pipes.