you need
  • metal or asbestos cement pipes, beams, planks, nails, a hammer, plywood, long screws, PVC film, linseed oil, oil paint tank.
Select a location for the shower.The place should be quite sunny and protected from the wind.It is desirable that the shower was on the small hill for a good outflow of water used.
In order to ensure the rapid outflow of water and its utilization, make a septic tank volume of 2 cubic meters.Do not shower for a septic tank.Even a large amount of silt and septic tank capable
of poorly drained water.Therefore, under the shower drain only arrange for water and septic tank drainage and make just a few meters from the cabins.
Photo To Organize waterproof layer PVC film, which are stacked on a sloping embankment.Bias do toward the trench or the drainage capacity.In the absence of PVC-lashes, use several layers of roofing material.You can make a simple concrete floor with a chute that the reinforcing wire mesh.Rain Gutters should be well ventilated.
A shower stall made of wood, because metal shower will cost you more.The height of the buildings of about 2.5 m. The area supports small showers, so do pile foundation.It will keep your shower is securely in an upright position.
For such a foundation with the help of earth drill, drill holes to a depth of 1-1.5 m. The pipe lowered into the ground should hang around 20-30 cm above the ground.The pipe can be both metal and asbestos.Pipe diameter 100 mm.Frame make from a bar 100x100 mm.
dimensions of the washing compartment of your shower stall should be at least 100x100 cm. This size will allow you to bend and freely raise their hands.But it is also necessary so that you can leave somewhere to hang your clothes and a towel.For this purpose place in the locker room.For it will be sufficient width of 60 cm. Thus, the internal dimensions of the shower enclosure will turn 160h100 cm. However, you can make a shower the size of 190h140 see. Given the thickness of the walls - 10 cm, to obtain a final size of 200x150 cm. These dimensions are multiples of the standard six-meter board.Get comfortable shower and there will be no waste material.
Based on the size, mark the box on the ground and in the corners, set the pier foundation.Hewn beams, set in the support and begin dressing the pillars.
dressings start from the top.Assemble the frame on the ground, lift it up and attach to the ends of the pillars.Use long bolts for mounting.Make the dressing in the bottom frame.The stiffeners place between adjacent columns.
to tamp floor floorboards with a gap of 1 cm. The gap will not allow trapped water.Locker room separate from the washing compartment small doorsteps.Make the door which must be closed tightly.
Outside upholster waterproof plywood which cover the varnish and paint with oil paint.Inside use for decoration waterproof material - PVC film.On the roof of the shower set 200 liter barrel, which can be filled with water using a pump.