Most often clogged sewer pipes in the kitchen, and the reason for this is the fat accumulated in them.The easiest way to deal with a kitchen clogged, emerged from behind the fat is to remove water from the sink and pour the boiling water there, and after waiting two minutes to try to break through the blockage using a plunger.Also it can be used to clean the baking soda dissolved in a ratio of 1: 2 volumes of boiling water.

applied and the solution of the soap in the ratio of 1 bar of soap on the 1.5-liter types, preferably boiling water.Another way to deal with clogging by means of improvised chemistry - is to fill the pipe soda and pour vinegar.As a result of the chemical reaction the whole reason for the blockage should just come out, that is, to you in the sink.To speed up the cleaning process
, use the plunger tube.Remember

and that blockage often formed not in the drain pipe and the siphon under the sink.It was in his settler accumulated food debris and grease, and therefore to eliminate the obstruction is possible to disassemble the siphon and rinse it.To do this, put under a bucket or basin, and unscrew the cap of the settler.The water from the siphon will pour into a bowl and cover simply rinse with hot water.The operation is not a pleasant one, so use rubber gloves.

If the blockage in the pipe deeply, special steel cable.In this case, the siphon will also have to make out in the open tube translational and rotational motion with an effort to push the cable.Rotating steel harness need to until it begins to move freely inside the pipe.


To prevent blockages can apply a special household chemicals, tools such as Tiret turbo, Domestos, Sanfor.These powders and gels are composed of active substances that dissolve accumulated deposits on the pipes, but the application of it should be remembered that the frequent use of chemicals harms himself pipes, plastic becomes brittle, thinning occur, which subsequently will flow.

Once a month, you can just clean the plunger tube, it needs to close the overflow hole in the sink, place the rubber base plunger so that it completely covers the drain.Once you have prepared the plunger to work, start doing rhythmically back and forth motion until until the water runs quickly and smoothly away from the cup shell.Periodically, tear off the plunger from the drain, it is necessary to ensure that concentrations of sediments could get out.

However, wield with hand plunger is possible unless men, but women can try to deal with clogged using pneumatic its varieties, which resembles a pump.This plunger pump by creating elevated pressure in the pipe, causing it to be cleaned yet.