bathroom Clean room with all the trash that is found in it.Discard half-empty bottles, cans, the contents of which you quit a year ago.Get rid of dust and cobwebs of a washing machine and a bath, clean ventilation grille, treat and scrub with an old toothbrush grout joints between tiles.Bathroom immediately becomes more comfortable.
Decide how much money from the budget, you can select to bring the bathroom in order.Try to make as yet rough estimate of the cost was not too lazy to find out prices, for example, the Internet.
Determine what needs to be urgently converted into your bathroom, but you can just refurbish.Remember the budget.
Assess the tiles.Surely you would like to change all of it in the new one.But perhaps the best solution would be to remove some portion of tile on which, for example, cracked, discolored, and only replace it.By the way, you can use the insertion of decorative tiles - single or, if the remote station is large enough, the whole panels are easy to find in any store finishing materials.
Assess the plumbing.You may have to replace what had finally worn out and / or loss of a presentable appearance.Joy by constantly dripping faucet and showerhead no peeling.
Assess furniture.All that needs to be repaired, and repair.Change the appearance of the cabinets easily, for example, using vinyl stickers (by the way, you can use them as for wall decor) and / or new hardware.
Replace towels, rug, other textiles, curtains and screen for the bath to those that are more appropriate to your idea of ​​the perfect bathroom.However, be careful when choosing shades - they should be in harmony with the other colors available in the room.
Assess the bath.If it is bad, then you can go several ways.The most difficult, dirty and expensive - replacement of the bath.A simpler and cheaper - installation of acrylic liner.And another, the most accessible - enamelling.Of course, the need to attend to the search for a specialist.
Hang new mirror or decorate the old one.This can be done, for example, using the circuit on the glass, glitter, stained-glass paint and a good imagination.If you do not need the latest picture-sample and copy paper.
Consider what accessories you would like to see in your new bathroom.Perhaps it will be a beautiful vase of fragrant sachet, artificial flowers, elegant jars for storing a variety of means, liquid soap and some accessories, new fixtures and the like.