you need
  • - a tow;
  • - sealant;
  • - engine oil;
  • - universal key.
Purchase a new valve in plumbing shop.Pre-make a note of the brand, the manufacturer and the characteristics of the old crane, which will go under the replacement.This is necessary in order to minimize problems with pipe and mixer.
Shut in the flat central water supply.It must be done carefully because carelessness can be very expensive.
Turn on the tap and wait until all the water is spilled, remaining in the pipes.After that, an adjustable wrench, loosen the mounting sleeve gently tap.If the item is tight, do not use force.Take the engine oil, grease, try again.
Spread a large towel or cloth over the sink or the bathtub, wher
e the crane is being replaced.It had fallen from the hands of the wrench or part of the crane can discourage or even split the enamel sink.Remove old faucet.Shake it to the water completely gone.In its place a new one.
strengthened by new faucet hose and place the bushing.Do not try to immediately use the key, in contrast, work only with hands, in order to prevent cross threading and do not damage the hoses.And only after all the profit, take the key and hold, without using special forces.
Check for special gaskets.At the junction of the pipe and tap with hose and hose connections themselves are provided by means of the washers.If the valve is connected directly to the pipe, passing hoses, take the tow and wrap joints.Apply sealant over the tow for extra insulation.
Turn off the water supply.Check valve, gradually adding the pressure and increasing the flow of force.If there are leaks, turn off the water again, deal with leaks with sealant.