Tip 1: How to install a toilet tank

replacement and installation of toilet relate to plumbing work, for which it is not necessary to call plumber.If you have an idea of ​​what a punch, have two hours of free time and are not afraid of dirty work - you will easily be able to save a significant portion of the money by doing this simple manipulation alone.
you need
  • - wrench,
  • - punch,
  • - pencil,
  • - Roulette,
  • - sealant.
Remove the old toilet.
Drain, which is in the tank.Remove the soft liner on a tank and a water pipe.Remove the bowl from the floor by unscrewing the screws.Drain the remaining water.Remove the bowl from the water drain: remove and disassemble the socket corrugation.
Choose where to install new plumbing.
If the new toilet bolts located as well as the old, you can fix it in the same place.If the location of the bolts is different, you must measure the distance between the holes and fasteners, drill new holes in the floor.
Collect toilet.
Assemble drain tank and connect it to the t
oilet.If the design does not provide for an additional toilet tank mounting to a wall, attach the pipe to the neck with a rubber cuff.To do this, put the cuff on the tube, about a third of its length.The remaining part of the cuff, remove the inside and pull back so that the end of the pipe was laid bare.Align the tube with the neck and put the inverted bowl of the cuff on the tube.If provided for mounting the toilet tank to the wall, to connect with the toilet cistern need to use a special tube.Screw one end of the pipe to the tank.Lubricate the other end of red lead and wrap rags.Connect the neck and cuff tube and secure it with a thin wire.
Strip outlet sewer pipe and contacts the surface of the sleeve.Cover them with a special sealant.Insert the ribbed, up to the stop in the sewer hole.
Attach the toilet to the floor.
Seal joint toilet and background pipe sealant.Mounts toilet to be fastened on a diagonal, to avoid warping.
Install flexible connection.
important to remember that the length of the liner should be chosen with a margin to avoid hose tension when entering the water.Attach the liner to the water supply.Turn on the water and a little drain to flush the system.Attach the liner to the toilet.Adjust the water level in the reservoir.
Drain the water and carefully inspect the tank and the floor around it.When everything is dry - congratulations on the successful completion of the work!

Tip 2: How to Install a cistern

There are two basic ways to install the toilet: floor and wall.Depending on the method of setting the toilet, select appropriate method of fixing the toilet tank.When wall-mounted toilet in the wall must be provided a niche for the toilet tank.If outdoor installation is much easier and does not require additional preparatory work.
How to install the cistern
you need
  • - O-ring, which will be installed in the cistern;
  • - bolts, gaskets and washers needed dimensions;
  • - Screwdriver (wrench);
  • - a bucket of water;
  • - sealant;
  • - a flexible hose for connecting the tank to the water network.
Shut flow of cold water.Install a new toilet in place or remove the old tank , if you've only got it.After that, a new cistern mount shut-off drain system, elements of which must be attached directly to the bottom of the tank.
on the toilet seat, which will be installed flush tank , put a small O-ring.Set tank the O-ring and align the outlet to the inlet tank toilet.The mounting holes, insert the bolts and washers and spacers, tightly secure them in a tank with a screwdriver or a wrench.
After installation tank pour a bucket of water and check for leaks at the joints.If, however, there is a leak at the joints, the sealant and seal them after drying recheck for leaks.
Set in a tank inlet valve and a float in accordance with the recommendations in the instructions of the manufacturer.With the flexible hose, connect the intake valve of a tank with water network and establish a system of opening the shut-off valve of a tank.
Tighten the nuts spend strongly enough to drain the tank is not staggered and was stable.At the same time, be very careful, because the ceramic under strong mechanical action may crack.
Helpful Hint
In that case, if you're after installation cistern discovered leaking from the sealing ring, you must try harder to tighten the nuts on the toilet tank.If after this leak persists, disconnect the tank from the toilet and fix the O ring.It is possible that it has shifted during the installation process.Then drain the tank reinsert again, check the connection for leaks.
  • how to set the tank on the toilet
Before starting work, be sure to close the cold water.

To protect yourself from the bad smell, tightly cover the hole sewage cloth.
Helpful Hint
Another way to mount the toilet to the floor is mounted using epoxy glue.To do this, you need to clean and degrease both surfaces.Apply a layer of glue on the floor and firmly pressed the toilet.To use the toilet you can in 12 hours.