Yellow and orange pumpkin can be stored not only to the fresh crop, but even two or three years.The main thing - to observe all the rules of collection and bookmarks.Cut the fruit is placed in a dry, safe place, such as under a bed or in the closet.Regularly check for damage caches of jewelry.Hardly noticed rotten flank - just start up tykovku food, removing the affected area and the flesh beside him.Finally ripe pumpkin recognized by completely withered stalk, hard crust.It is best to remove the condition has come down to the product in a place where the temperature rises to above 5 - 8 degrees.It is important to avoid podmorazhivaniya fruit - they quickly deteriorate, thawed.And take care of the stalk: tear off the umbilical cord leading to the death of a pumpkin.Well, if not hit the pumpkin

harvest, but only scratched the abrasion daubed with green paint.It will dry the damaged area and protect the product from damage.

Whatever you love thin-skinned squash without coarse seeds inside to eat the treat in the winter, you need to wait for the full maturation.Until the spring, or at least until the New Year will live only Tolstokorov large "wild boar."And their pelt should have no damage.Through scratches and bruises fruits lose precious moisture, or pick up the infection and start to rot.For storage conditions zucchini undemanding.Descend cabinets, the space under the bed, inside drawers couch - only to dark and dry.Podstelil wintering squash cardboard and do not allow them to touch each other.Periodically review the rookery - Do not start one of the fruits to rot.And if you noticed rotten stalk - safely dispose of all the zucchini, then he spoiled inside.After the rest of February and March of courgettes need more to eat up until they do not own the seeds began to sprout.This process will poison the taste of the fruit and make it bitter.

If you are lucky to grow at the site of watermelon or melon (or at least buy them in the market of winter varieties), you can try to hold back their use until the New Year.There should be enough not only patience, but also attention to the experience.Stow the winter a little unripe fruit, but in no case to green (this trick will be held only with melons).Get ready to control the temperature in the vault (first 10 - 15 degrees, and in winter - about 4-7 above zero) and humidity (70-80%).Bed for watermelons is made from soft natural cloth or straw, regularly turned over and do not give a touch sideways neighbors.However, you can try an option and smearing each whale wax, paraffin wax, clay or alabaster.But like melons hanging in hammocks in the cellar or burying vertically in a dry, clean sand.For the prevention of diseases of the skin can be lubricated with chalk or lime.It is best to store fruits, do not completely cover the mesh-pattern.