you need
  • towel, a piece of rubber hose clamps of different diameters.
assume nighttime emergency service is not very fast in a hurry to the rescue, somewhere in the city of the global accident.Your request is in line for salvation is not the first.Can you do something about it yourself?
turns out you can.
in advance to try to find out all sorts of disasters, how and where in your apartment block water in the taps and batteries.Very useful knowledge.Tested!
So closes the water.
Consequences can be twofold.
you won, ceased to flow, to collect water from the floor, call a locksmith in the morning.
water continues to flow.
bandages hole towel any unnecessary cloth to prevent water from splashing and dripping on the long end of the cloth in a bowl that you have time to substitute care to save their wealth and lower neighbors.
While the basin was filled and localized flow, check that there is a saving in your household.
from small holes in the pipe cold water can be temporarily saved her tape rewinding, adhesive tape, medical plaster roll.
can use clay as a gag and then add the winding tape.
In the same applies to the so-called cold welding, sold in hardware stores.It is used as clay.Mash in hand, imposed on hole , capturing the 2-3 cm around the hole.
Cold welding is suitable for pipes with hot water, and battery.
perfect way plumbing consider the imposition of a collar.
most primitive clamp can be built from a piece of rubber or a thick film in several layers superimposed on hole in the pipe and tightly tapered wire or thick twine.
course, better suited collars industrial production, is a metal band with perforations and a screw with a nut, designed for pipes of different diameters.
The application is very simple.
leak impose a piece of rubber, and fasten it to the pipe wrapped collar.Remove the nut, the screw is inserted into a suitable hole punching, tighten the nuts.Clamp firmly establishes the rubber tube on .
properly selected and mounted a collar can not just wait for the arrival of a savior, plumbing, and demolition of dilapidated houses.
If your house has a pipe and batteries, do not be lazy, go to the store.
can not measure the diameter, it does not matter.Take a string or strip of paper.Wrap the tube, cut off the excess.
shall pay the seller in the shop and tell me what you need clamps and rubber gaskets to them according to your measurements.You will definitely help.
Prepare to fight against communal disaster in his home.