you need
  • - adjusting valves and thermostats;- Roulette;- Level;- Drill;- Drill diameter 12 mm;- Holders for radiators;- Pencil;- Linen with a thread sealant or Unipak Tango Top-Lok;- Gas key;- Gas welding;- angle grinder;- protective glasses;- Dowels 12 mm diameter.
Regardless of whether you are you a complete replacement of the heating system or restrict the installation of new heating radiators, be sure there is space for adjusting valves and thermostats.With these useful tools, you will always be able to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.
Before replacing the radiator, contact the housing office.Proceed to dismantle the old batteries only after the employees of municipal service will block the water, and it is completely drained from the risers.Install high-quality shut-off valves on a
ll new radiators.This will allow you to easily turn off the tap and calmly proceed to the elimination of the defect in the event of a leak or other malfunction of the heater.
Remember that the standard location for the installation of the radiator is the space under the window.It provides a natural and optimal circulation of cold and warm air around the perimeter of the room.When installing the heater, please note that the width should be at least 50-75% of the length of the window opening.Remember that the distance from the top of the radiator to the window sill must be at least 100 mm and the minimum clearance from the floor to the heater - 60 mm.
Spend the central vertical line, which is defined with respect to the site of attachment holders radiator.Horizontal size expose on the level of the riser pipe.Mark the fastening of a radiator that vertical must coincide with the junction block heater.Horizontal mounting points expose 2-3 mm above the inlet pipe and heating.Note that the correct layout depends on the accuracy of the installation of heating equipment.
before mounting the radiator fixings, the amount of which depends on the size of the heater.If the battery is made up of 12 or more sections, use 6 fasteners.Remember that the radiator does not have to rely on the lead-pipe hot water.
to drill holes, drive plugs right diameter.For standard hooks 12 mm diameter, use a drill of the same diameter.Screw holders and hang the radiator.Note that if the right radiator installation must strictly rely on all the support.
checking on the level of fixed radiator, proceed to connect it.The cut portion of the pipe to the desired length to shorten the one hand, and on the other set the shut-off valve which enables to regulate the heat transfer of a radiator.For reliable use linen thread seal with sealant or thread Unipak Tango uni-lok.The open ends of the pipes to connect the gas welding.Bends and place carefully smooth out the spikes and paint.