Pros acrylic liners

no secret that the reconstruction works in the bathroom - it is time-consuming and very costly.But to live with a tattered, dirty and cracked tank of water procedures are not too pleased, and in some cases even dangerous for health.If for any reason the dismantling of the old cast iron bath is not possible, give it a second life by buying an acrylic liner.

liner has all the advantages of acrylic bathtubs.It has a flat, smooth and comfortable to the skin surface and beautiful color.This will always be a warm bath, unlike iron.But the main plus of the liner installation - no costly and time-consuming repairs.You do not need to c
hange the tiles on the walls and tiles on the floor.The liner is attached to the quick-assembly foam and after a couple of hours it is ready for operation.

Set box in a bath you can own, but it is better to use the services of specialists.Choose a skilled craftsmen - from their experience depends on how comfortable you will be with a new bathroom.Focus on customer feedback - so you will not make a mistake.Make sure that the liner was chosen to size, or when filling the bath it will vibrate and sag.It is important to carefully seal the abutment of the insert with a bath, or in the lumen can penetrate the water, prompting the emergence of the fungus. sure to sign a contract for the installation of the liner.Then, in the event of a defect, you can request their free removal.

Cons acrylic

Acrylic liners have not only advantages but also disadvantages - they should take into account before you decide to buy.New bath requires careful care.To retain the whiteness of acrylic, it must be regularly cleaned using special liquids and emulsions which do not contain abrasives, acid and alkali.Fragile material should be protected from scratches and chipping. If you plan to wash your new dog a bath, lay on the bottom of the rubber floor mats - they will save the liner from scratches.

If the installation is not observed and the foam technology for mounting the waves lay down, you can feel the bumps on the surface of the bath.In addition, because of the gap between the surfaces of the water at a set of insert can vibrate significantly, and eventually deform.Note also that the new tub will be more noisy.To minimize these disadvantages, choose a liner perfectly appropriate size of the old baths - save on this is not necessary.