first reason of the water, where the air is dissolved.When water is heated it in the form of bubbles rising to the upper portions of the system heating and accumulating, creates air cork .Next reason - low blood pressure in the heating system, which is why it is partially emptied and filled with air voids.Air cork can also be formed as a result of leaks and repair heating system when it carried out a partial or complete dismantling and reassembly.
air is normally collected in the radiator upper floors, where in this case must be equipped with special devices for venting.If you want to determine the location of the air cork , prostuchite small hammer their batteries.In places where the sound of the air they will be much stronger and louder than
that of the completed battery.
If you want to avoid the problems associated with air plugs, make sure that the Battery in your apartment, or standing taps valves for venting.For, example, a bleed screw is installed on the side opposite from the inlet tube.Use the key to slowly open the valve as long until you hear the characteristic hiss of escaping air.Once it was over, and went evenly water, close the valve.
For safety valve sheet under the cloth and place a small vessel.If the valve on the battery is missing, it will be more complicated manner.Prepare a wrench and fluid lubrication - an ordinary kerosene or WD-40.Wait a few minutes so that it reached the rusty thread, and you can start to unscrew the cap.
At the first sound of escaping air, stop work and wait for the water flow.To prevent stains, prepare a rag and a bucket.With the advent of screw cap water, adding to greater reliability on the thread a little linen or a few turns of the tape FUM.