All towel differ in shape, dimensions, turning capabilities, availability of accessories (shelves, hooks, hangers) and functions, and most importantly - for the coolant, which divides the heater into two main types.

Water heated towel rail

Radiator works by central heating or hot water.As a rule, in a comfortable apartment, he already has, but spoil the overall design of the bathroom or prevents implement the desired layout.In this case, get rid of it, you can use the new purchase. There combi model resembling water, only one circuit is connected to the hot water system, and the second - to heating.

Some devices have an automatic water temperature control, and the maximum temperature does not exceed 70 degrees.

Electric Towel

Electric radiator mounted to the wall or placed on the floor with special feet, and included in the common 220 volt outlet.With its installation is important to follow the enclosed instructions and comply with fire safety regulations.

Electric models are: oil-filled and a heating cable.The former contain PETN, which is located at the bottom of the oil and transfers the heat distributed throughout the body.They are heated by an hour to an hour, but for a long time remain hot after shutdown.

through the tube of another type of electrical equipment the cable that warms the surface in just 15 minutes, but just as quickly cools down.

The electric towel warmers are usually embedded microprocessors that allow you to change the temperature, keep it protected from overheating, use the timer function to turn on and off the device at a preset time to save electricity.

addition, fan assemblies exist that provides uniform heat distribution throughout the space.They can be equipped with drying mode.

Material of

most common are stainless steel towel warmers.They differ surfaced.The cheapest model - painted in white and other colors, but in spite of the diversity and beauty of appearance, they are short-lived, it is recommended to choose a chrome-plated radiator.There are also enameled heaters, resistant to high temperatures and the appearance of cracks.There

devices of black steel that looks no different from the previous type, and the inner walls covered with a rust inhibitor.Brass and copper models look nice, but in reality they are not practical because of the thin walls.Thus, the material is considered to be the most reliable stainless steel.In addition, it fits any decor and striking.Popular colors radiators among buyers - white, cream and gray.

Warranty towel rail

term of service at the failure of the device depends on the manufacturer.This warranty does not apply in the case of galvanic corrosion in the water products.To avoid this, it is necessary to use a non-metallic pipe made of polypropylene or other material.Moreover, it is forbidden to carry out grounding of electrical appliances by means of heating and water supply.

Which towel warmer choose?

Job towel warmer water depends on the availability of hot water in the pipes and its temperature.Therefore, in summer it can be cold, but in the rest of the year the extent of its heat does not reach high levels.To install a water home appliance requires:

- when buying relate pipe diameter pipes with hot water, otherwise you will need to purchase a coupler;
- take into account the level to withstand the pressure, which is indicated in the data sheet;
- first apply for permission to connect to the housing authority, which undertakes to check the device to meet the requirements of its characteristics and, if everything is OK, turn off the hot water system in the house;
- call a plumber (preferably from the Housing Authority) for installation;
- check the unit after connecting the hot water.

electrical device is convenient because it can be installed anywhere in the bathroom and other rooms, but when you change the place of residence to carry with you.The downside is the additional energy consumption, which depends on the power. Power towel warmer is taken into account depending on the size of the room, where it will be.It varies from 100 to several thousand watts.

If any doubt, choose a towel rail, should seek the advice of a specialist or read reviews in the Internet users.You can buy just two types, or a combination model, capable of operating on two heat transfer fluids - water and electricity, which are switched when necessary.