you need
  • - new cuff;
  • - tools: knife, scissors, screwdriver, pliers.
Buy new cuff .This can be done in specialized hardware stores in your town or online store.Substitution cuff washing machines primarily needed in the case of leakage of the hatch.This procedure is not too difficult to implement it and take a new cuff appropriate tool.
Remove spoiled cuff.If the front part of the machine is folding, it will make it easier.Remove the front cover and make a recovery of the control panel.Then loosen the fixing screw and spring.If you remove the molded body itself tank.Remove the cuff.
Remove the spring that pushes the desired item to Baku, you may have to remove and balances.Proc
eed in the reverse order to install a new seal (seal), with proper skill and knowledge of this procedure will take less than half an hour.
After replacing the cuffs completed, assemble the front part of the washing machine back.After completion of all works, check the unit for leaks.Activate the rinse and watch for a few minutes.If all goes well, drain and be content with the result.