you need
  • - metal brush for washing dishes
  • - knife
  • - Flashlight
boiler Disconnect from the mains.Remove the cover from the bottom of the tank and disconnect, there are wires.Before you clean the boiler , shut off the water in the apartment.
Now we need to drain the water from the tank.For this purpose, tightly put on the drain valve corresponding to the diameter of the hose, and its opposite end lower in the tub or toilet.Open the valve and unscrew the water inlet pipe.Draining takes approximately 30 minutes.Bottom boiler and around its electrical parts are bolts.It should be put under the tank any container and unscrew bolts.
If boiler too dirty for easy cleaning, you may need to remove the tank and turn it over
, but this is not necessary.Remove the bottom of the electric boiler well.This must be done carefully so as not to damage the rubber gasket accident.
To properly clean the boiler , we must remember that next to the heating element, which is attached to the electrical parts attached magnesium anode, designed to protect the boiler and corrosion.If boiler too dirty, the anode can be destroyed, in which case it should be replaced.
recovered PETN clean with an iron grid for dishwashing, knife or special chemicals.If a magnesium anode is replaced by a new one, it needs to be screwed next to the already refined heating element.
Now you need to clean the tank and the build-up of debris.This can be done by hand, inspect the inside of the tank to help the flashlight.If the tank is removed from the wall, it can be repeatedly washed.
After cleaning, assemble boiler in the reverse sequence, connect the tube, fill with water and turn on.We must remember that prior to installation of the electric heating element attached to the tank should be well dried.You also need to check the tightness of the tank boiler and around electrical parts, rubber gasket must not pass water.