Pay attention to the material from which made the sink for the bathroom.Most often they are made of ceramic.This product is very solid, scratches and chips appear only on a very careless handling.Moisture on a sink is not delayed because of modern ceramics smooth non-porous surface.Sinks of porcelain or china hygienic and environmentally friendly.
There are also products of steel and iron, which are usually covered by enamel.Such shells do not corrode and are resistant to temperature changes.Enamelled wash basins and sinks have one drawback - the cover can get, most often it is chipped on the edges.
If you have a typical bathroom, take shell without holes for the mixer.Products with overflow protection (overflow) must be equipped with a siphon and its fixture, so that the standard may not be appropriate.
Accurately measure the place that you want to install the sink .This knowledge must be considered when buying umyvalnika- "tulip" because such products are no uniform standard.Sinks can be distinguished by their shape.Umyvalnik- "tulip" consists of a stand in which hidden pipes and bowls.This type of shells mounted on the wall.
¬ęTulip" can be monolithic or have a separate bowl (it will be possible to remove it).This sink has its drawbacks: it takes a lot of space, and its stand is usually too high for small children (70-80 centimeters).But there are sinks, which can adjust the height and slope of the bowl.
Note the wall of the shell.They take up much less space than a "tulip" because attached to the wall brackets.Cranes such sinks can be mounted on the shell itself or on a wall.The main drawback of the wall are open pipe products.
There are shells that are included together with the cabinet or recessed sink, aligning the hole of bathroom furniture.A variety of forms of such products allows you to choose exactly what is perfect for the style of the room.