you need
  • - abrasive stone or scrubbing
  • - enamel
  • - sprayer, roller or brush
Replacing the bath - the company is very costly, both incomplexity, and for the money.It is not surprising that he was going as a last resort.Most often, the owner decides to cover enamel bath .How did it do to become a restoration of quality and durable?
inner surface of the bath should be carefully, centimeter by centimeter, clean brush and an abrasive stone or with scouring powder or a special tool that is sometimes sold in a set with enamel .After cleaning, rinse bath water.
followed by smooth out the bumps inner surface of the bath, clean rust stains and degrease using detergents, chlorine-free.
Fill bath with hot water for 10-15 minutes, then bath thoroughly wipe and dry
.Its surface should be smooth, flat and matte.
Apply the enamel surface of the bath can be spray, brush or roller.At first glance, it seems that the use of the spray gun will give a better result, but if misused sprayer on the surface of the bath are streaks and uneven, and as a result the enamel will stay bad and short-lived.The application roller is also fraught with troubles: perhaps cover lies not too smooth, but on the rough surface of the bath to remain pellets.The most convenient tool to cover enamel bath - a brush with natural hair.
When selecting enamel note the color hardener.Dark brown and deep red color of this component can impart an unpleasant yellow color your bath.
base and hardener mix, following the manufacturer's instructions exactly.The finished enamel is applied very carefully to avoid the formation of bubbles and streaks - the quality of your work will depend on the strength of the coating.On the first layer of leaves about half finished enamel.The second layer is applied after 10-15 minutes.
use the bathroom can be 7 days.