you need
  • choosing a gas boiler, remember that you will need:
  • - constant availability of fuel in the room: LPG or natural gas
  • - space on the floor or on the wall, depending on theselected boiler type
  • - engineering services (usually free of charge at the place of sale of the boiler)
  • - services specialist installation
Decide what kind of gas boiler you need:floor or wall.Wall-hung boilers, thanks to its compact form and economical cost, more suitable for small spaces.Outdoor boilers are installed in offices or private homes, cottages.
chose the boiler wall, estimate, how muc
h power the work of the domestic mini-boiler you need to heat the room.Depending on the required capacity, choose a single or double-boiler.If the house has no chimney or ventilation duct, it is better to take the gas boiler with a closed combustion chamber.
When choosing a gas boiler floor looking at the size of the room in which it will be installed heating source.If the house or office of medium size, will be sufficient to heat the atmospheric boiler power.If the area is large, choose the boiler overpressure.
look comparisons of various manufacturers.Prefer boiler adapted to the weather conditions of the area where you live.