outer surface of the bath cover with a layer of insulation, which also will provide sound insulation.There are several options for coatings, one of them - via vibration isolation, which is freely available in almost every car shop.With an adhesive surface, it easily adheres to the metal surfaces at room temperature.
Practice shows that using vibration isolation eliminates the need for them to cover the entire outer surface of the bath.It is enough to apply a small amount of a substance on the surface exposed to the water jet, and on the sides.When the vibration isolation hardens completely disappear bad buzz, and the hot water will retai
n its heat longer.
have vibration isolation has a wonderful substitute - the usual foam.Turn the tub upside down, for better adhesion moisten the surface of the water and start gently, without haste, to cause the foam across the outer surface, except where there are drainage holes.
recommended to lay on top of foam polyethylene and carefully spread it.For this you can take up to four large bottles of foam.After solidification of the metal bath foam retains heat better than cast-iron bathtub.
You can also use for insulation foam bath.To do this, you need the required amount of foam, which is available in the free market and the corresponding adhesive composition.
Try to buy the glue that is resistant to high temperatures.And then everything is simple: apply the glue and then fit together the pieces of foam.Remember that normal thermal insulation and sound absorption is able to provide a layer of insulation thickness of five centimeters.