Until relatively recently, the old baths with enamel wear was waiting for one event - scrap metal.Now everything is different.If cast iron or steel bath has lost the form, do not rush to send it to the dump and buy a new one.Bath can extend the "life" even 10-15 years.And for this we need patience, hands and liquid acrylic.

What is a liquid acrylic?This two-component enamel that has remarkable properties: wear resistance, impact resistance, low thermal conductivity, non-slip smooth surface and the ability to freeze at temperatures of 17-26 ° C.Perfect material for the restoration of the baths, which can be purchased at any hardware store.

Where to start

For quality bath is necessary to restore the quality of surface preparation.If the old enamel has only scratches and yellowed areas, it is enough to clean using sandpaper.To get
rid of rust, chips and deep scratches need to drill and Flap grinding wheel. Warning: clean the bath using a grinding wheel need a respirator or protective mask.

After cleaning the bath should be thoroughly cleaned and degreased using baking soda or a solvent.In the case of deep cracks and chips this place shpaklyuyut quick-drying automotive putty.To achieve high-quality and uniform coating bath should be warm.It is heated with hot water for 5-7 minutes, then thoroughly dry, lint-free cloth or an industrial hair dryer.

To prevent acrylic sanitary sewer system, made the dismantling of the lower and upper drains.If this is not possible a hole bottom discharge are sealed with tape, and for the collection of excess acrylic set the cut disposable cups.

are now ready to restore the coating.

recovery technology

method of recovery of acrylic bath tubs or supply of iron acrylic coating without leaving home called "Tanker bath."

First of all you need to prepare the mixture, mix the two components.This is done strictly according to instructions printed on the packaging.Mixing the composition can be carried out both manually and using a drill with whisk, most importantly, that it is of high quality.

To introduce a liquid acrylic tiles must be in the right place to pour a thin strip of material and acrylic spatula pushing into the space between tiles and bath. must be remembered: it is impossible to stop the fill for a long time.In the case of education can not smooth out drips or nodules.They smoothed themselves when drying. Next acrylic blends gently on the edge of the board to form a layer of 4-6 cm wide.When this mixture must flow down to half the depth of the bath.Now it is possible to move around the perimeter of the bath to complete closure of the circle.

acrylic layer dries about 36 hours.The bath cover should be at least two layers.