Before installation, the local autonomous heating in his apartment Agree dismantling and assembly work and get permission to conduct the local utilities.
After receiving permission from the Utilities After the completion of the heating season, and conducting maintenance work, proceed to the dismantling operations for removing old pipes, starting from the riser and old radiators.
Then enjoy a boiler installation, which already begin to layout a new heating system.Determine the number of newly installed heat sinks and in terms of their installation, as well as decide how complex will be a new heati
ng system, are you going to do, for example, underfloor heating.Install the radiator is not difficult.Make sure only in the presence of the gun and you have the necessary hardware is usually included with the radiator.
If you do decide to install underfloor heating, make the dismantling of the flooring, lay the underfloor heating and fill them with a layer of screed.
sure to pre-calculate how many meters of pipe and other materials will be necessary for the installation of the entire heating system, draw a diagram of the pre-heating a sheet of paper listing all measurements.For ease of installation and soldering using plastic pipes, as they are more durable, reliable and easy to solder yourself.It is only necessary to have a special soldering iron.
According to the plan, drawn on paper, begin to plant heating system.The angular transition areas cut off sections of the route and then attach them to each other using reducers.
Fully paving heating , connect the previously purchased the boiler (gas or electric), battery (preferably cast iron or steel), and heated floors.Once again, visual double-check all joints for leaks.Perform a test run of the boiler and the entire heating system completely.