Tip 1: How to make a heat pump

market of heating systems, it would seem, it is very diverse and offers many different options, but it is in theory.In practice, gas, often too far;LPG - too expensive;diesel - requires a lot of maintenance costs;electricity - the most comfortable, but too expensive.The constant growth of prices for fuel oil, gas and electricity make homeowners take a closer look to alternative methods of heating homes.Salvation in this situation can serve heat pump , which uses free natural energy and thereby will significantly reduce the cost of heating your home.
Of course, as an energy source heat pump uses electricity too.But because it does not produce heat, but only collects it, the energy costs are reduced significantly.Heat pump s distinguished on the basis of its action.They can be divided into three types."Ground-Water» - pump , extracting heat from the ground."Air-air" - uses the warm air."Water-water" - as a coolant used groundwater.Today we look at how to make the installation of
a heat pump and type "ground-water" with his own hands.The principle of operation of the pump and quite simple: using probes or collectors pump extracts heat from the ground.Further, the heat is transported to the thermal brine pump have.
Determine the number of wells you.This number will depend on how much energy you need, as well as on the quality of soil.
Drill rig using the well depth of 50-100 meters and a diameter of 20 sm.Pomestite geothermal probe into the well.
Mount peripherals.
your pump , almost ready.Now, you are not afraid of the cold!

Tip 2: Installation of heat pumps with their hands

before many owners of private houses is very urgent need to save energy.Modern technologies allow to considerably reduce the cost of home heating and hot water.The heat pump assembly which can be made with your own hands, will provide a free collection of energy from the environment.
Installation of heat pumps with their own hands
heat pump is a small device designed for heating buildings and hot water.This setting is different environmentally friendly, so it is absolutely harmless, not only for humans, but also for the environment.

Depending on the season and the heat pump can achieve the best efficiency of heat supply.Their service life is 15 years.Installation of heat pumps pays for itself in three years, due to the high efficiency.

What is the principle of the heat pump?

This system consists of the heat pump device and fence heat distribution.When you create the inner loop heat pump uses a compressor, an evaporator, a condenser and a throttle valve.Electricity is only required for the compressor could work.

Working principle of the device was made in the 19th century.Even then he was called "Carnot cycle".The pump consists of the following:

- the collector is made supply anti-freeze mixture, as is possible to use water with an alcohol, brine or glycol mixture.Its task is to absorb heat from the subsequent transportation to the pump;
- evaporator energy is transferred to the coolant, resulting in the latter begins to boil, turning into vapor;
resulting increase in pressure increases the temperature of the compressor;
- through a capacitor entire thermal energy is transferred to the heat carrier heating system, placed inside the house, the refrigerant, cooled, is transformed into the liquid state and returned to the reservoir.

benefits of using heat pumps

Unlike standard heat source heat pumps with high power has many advantages, among which stands out:

- high savings, which is directly related to the lack of need to purchase, transport,storing fuel;
- saving space required for installation of the boiler, the transport route and fuel depot.

inexpensive heat pump mounted his own hands, is not conducive to changes in the general landscape of the territory and the facade of the house.In addition, thanks to its compact size, the pump remains completely unnoticed by the public eye.

kinds of advanced heat pumps

There are several varieties of this installation:

- open type device;
- gated device;
- equipment with horizontal type heat exchanger;
- vertical heat exchangers.

installation of heat pumps

cost of the heat pump is high enough.And it is even not counting the call specialists for its installation.Not everyone can afford to spend a large sum, even taking into account the fact that for three years, fully pump will pay for itself.You can save if the heat pump will be installed on their own. Before starting work, ensure that the electrical meter.This is especially true in cases where the installation of the pump is made in the house of the old buildings.

To do this, you must make an estimation and make a few deep wells.Their depth can vary from 70 to 150 mm.To exclude getting into the groundwater collector, before the start of drilling wells should produce geological studies, and then obtain a permit from the relevant authorities.

for mounting manifold removed topsoil and installing geothermal collector.After this, the soil is put in its place.Himself heat pump is installed inside the house. Installation of the heat pump does not need a capital construction work, so it can be hung on a wall or even the roof of the facility.

Pump connection with wells and ground collectors carried out through two pipes.A connecting it to the storage tank and to the heating system takes place in the same manner as for heat pumps.