in every major store you will find many versions of this popular device.Sometimes showers filled entire floors, and the dispersion of prices no less impressive than the variety of materials and sophisticated design.Let's look at the differences between the showers, and how to choose is the one that more than a year will be able to delight both body and soul.

easiest and therefore the cheapest option - shower cabin.Pallet, blinds, and, in fact, a shower - that's what you get for the amount of $ 300.However, here you will find a variety of forms of the pallet (and therefore the entire cab) as well as various combinations of modern materials: acrylic, glass, steel, comp

osites.In particular, the curtains of glass are considered more reliable, beautiful and durable than acrylic, and caring for them easier.Further, the shutter can be moved apart or swing open.Sliding less reliable and less comfortable (passage into the cabin tapers), but will not require additional space in the bathroom, where it usually is lacking.

If for you a shower - it's much more than just a shower, your choice - multifunctional model.So call any cab, equipped with at least one function other than normal shower.This shower can become for you a hydromassage office, bath, radio, or even entertain the built-in phone.We analyze in detail all of these possibilities.

multifunctional shower is equipped with, as a rule, shower, top shower head, and a set of massage nozzles.But if the function itself is in any whirlpool multifunction cockpit, the set of his regime may vary very considerably.To determine how rich functionality massage cabin, consider it mounted injectors, read the instructions or ask your dealer.In addition, the jets can operate in a special mode "traveling wave", which provides, in fact, the massage effect: the rows of nozzles do not operate continuously, but intermittently, creating a wave of water jets, moves along the body.Constant competition of manufacturers in an effort to impress the buyer leads to a very very exotic modes.For example, the mode "waterfall" brings down upon you water flow of 170 liters per minute.Do you need such regimes, and are you prepared to pay for them - the question you will have to decide when choosing a shower enclosure.

As for the functions of the bath, it is important not to accept the assurances of sales assistants at face value, keeping common sense.For example, the statement that the shower can be operated as a "sauna" in principle can not be true, because at temperatures of 80 degrees and above, typical of saunas, plastic and glass elements of the cabin will simply dangerous to human skin.In fact, the cabin can create the effect of a Turkish bath, filled with steam at a temperature of 40-45 degrees.It is quite safe, and enough for a good warm-up.

course, cover all variety of showers impossible, so before you choose a shower, thoughtfully and slowly learn all its characteristics.