order to make the heating system in a private home or in the country, it is necessary to make a sketch of the future system, to solve the question of the power of the installed boiler, do count the necessary pipe length, determine the number of radiators, valves, angles, tees and other items, andnodes.

For a good work of the heating system is necessary for the direct ("flow") and return ("tank line") backbones to choose the pipe size is twice the diameter of the pipe is connected to radiators.Both lines necessarily well fastened to the walls of buildings.

can schedule the two heating circuits.This will give the ability to disable one of the circuits during repairs or emergencies.

as shut-off valves are best used ball valves.They are resistant to scale formation in the he
ating system. Main scale formation in the heating system at a temperature of coolant from seventy degrees Celsius or more.Deposits of scale on the inner walls of the pipes reduce heat.Fight it!

radiators are suspended so that the edge connected to the return line, was slightly lower than on the supply side.Connecting the membrane expansion tank perform the smaller diameter tubes.

Choice boiler

boiler output should be chosen on the basis that 1 square meter of heated space must account for 1 kW.Thus it is necessary to take into account the possible severe frosts and poor insulation of the house, so it is desirable to increase the capacity of up to 1.5 kW per 1 sq.m.area.

If the boiler is homemade, it is chosen based on the volume of coolant, which can accommodate.To do this, divide the amount of heated space by 1000. The dimensions of the boiler to heat your home depends on its capacity.

Solid fuel boiler can be placed in the basement of the house, and in a separate.Electric boiler, because of the possibility of flooding of the basement, it is impossible to establish.For the installation of the gas boiler installed special placement rules, they are listed in his passport, but consultation with a specialist is required.

Heating gas - it's the best of all types of heating.Cheaper than electricity, it is easier than the furnace.Mount gas heating equipment should only specialists gas service.

Correct operation of the heating system

After complete assembly, the heating system is filled with coolant.If it is water, it is poured by connecting a water pipe to the return line or in an expansion tank.We must first open all the faucets to relieve the air.

completely filled with a system, melt a small amount of fuel the boiler.The system should be warmed evenly.If some of the radiators are not heated, it is necessary to open the tap, pit water as long as the flow warm (hot).Only after several trial furnaces, boiler starts to operate normally.

Choosing the right boiler output will not let it boil.Boil water in a pot talks about his excessive power, or of poor water circulation, perhaps there is something, and more.This is a dangerous phenomenon, which causes severe water hammer that can damage your system.

properly functioning system should not make sounds when the furnace, evenly warm.The difference in temperature of the coolant at "supply" and "return pipe" should be no more than 40 degrees C.
It is necessary to note that the lack of capacity of the boiler, the water temperature in the "return pipe" to 40 degrees C.It is not enough for a comfortable human life, because in the winter can be quite fierce and cold days.
information contained herein is, of course, can not be complete for the independent performance of the heating system.Extensive knowledge can be obtained by reading the additional literature, seeing a corresponding video course, any talk on the issue at the forum on the Internet.