size kabinyProizvedite froze where it will be installed.Since the sale of a variety of forms submitted showers (oval, rectangular, corner), stop for a version suitable for your space.Choose the shape of the pallet - it defines the configuration of the shower.Please note that you will be offered standard sizes from 80x80 to 130x130 cm. Choose equipment with a tray is not bigger than 85x85 cm - the minimum space that allows a person to turn it and move without discomfort.
Choice poddonaEsli bathroom has no waterproofing, choose shower cabin with a tray.They are made of different materials: marble chips, acrylic, porcelain, steel.Earthenware trays resistant, but can be broken in the fall of heavy objects.Steel has a small thickness, and therefore are not recommend
ed for customers with more weight - the bottom can bend.Enameled products have strength, but the noise of water under pressure as steel and enamel wears away from frequent exposure to the cleaners.It is advisable to choose the acrylic tray: it is hygienic, does not absorb dirt, wear-resistant.Please note that such a pan thin (4-5 mm) and requires the installation of a hard bottom frame.Stop your attention on a pallet of marble chips - it heats up quickly and is easy to care for him.Furthermore, it is massive, stable, does not require additional strengthening and is not limited to the weight of the user.
type oborudovaniyaModifikatsy cabs a lot, but all of them can be divided into two groups: simple and versatile.If you are with the acquisition of this equipment set for yourself only hygienic problem, choose a simple cabin .It is the only shower tray and doors.Cabs are performed in various versions - open and closed.In the first case - a shower cabin, which is placed between two walls in the bathroom and fenced doors, the second - at the top of it has a roof.Doors made of plastic and polystyrene, which is quickly becoming unsightly.Choose a shower cabin with glass door - easy to care for them.
If you want not only to take a shower, but the ferry and enjoy a warm shower in the shower - choose multifunctional model.They are equipped with shelves for bath accessories, hangers, dispensers for soap, shower heads.They even provided the possibility of inhalation of medicinal essential oils.By setting the right fitness program using the display or remote control, you will be able comfortably to strengthen your body.