modern fittings - sanitary element for connecting one pipe system and a variety of equipment: boilers, water heaters, faucets, plumbing fixtures, etc.Fittings are helping to make a turn, a reversal of the pipeline, or the transition to a smaller (larger) diameter.When selecting the connection or transition elements must be in addition to the diameter, to take into account the material of manufacture of the pipeline and pipe receiving equipment.

Steel and copper piping

for their connection manufacturers offer fittings with thread, weld or in the form of flanges.When buying such hardware is necessary to pay attention to the squareness and flatness of the ends.These settings affect the quality of sealing compound.The role played by a tow or seal a special tape FUM.For better fixation of the s
eal lock nut is used, made from steel, brass, bronze or iron. If the thread on the details connected strongly proslablena, the use of tape FCMs should be abandoned.

copper elements are well connected exclusively by means of fittings made of copper or brass.Fittings can be made detachable or under capillary soldering.Copper fittings commonly used in heating and plumbing systems, as well as installation of air conditioners, refrigerators.

PVC pipes

These products today are the most common in everyday life.Through these fittings can be fully installed plumbing, heating network within the home, apartment.The connecting element of metal pipe consists of a ring, the spacer, a pair of nuts (3-4 times), and the union.By purchasing a connecting part for plastic pipes, pay attention to weight;good fitting significantly heavier sincemade of brass or bronze. When buying option on smooth transition to the pipe threads, make sure that the metal part of the parts are made of brass.

Polypropylene and PVC pipes

fittings for connection PP or PVC pipes are made of the same material.This allows you to connect the necessary details by soldering using a special soldering iron with a heating element in the form of a ring.All the installation work after a simple training can be carried out independently - some companies offer rental soldering.Polypropylene fittings are cheap - manufacturers offer details of various configurations;you can always pick up the item desired diameter bending.Since plastic fittings because of the low cost is not fake, then you can safely go to the store for purchase.