Shoe battery

Such a simple way to cleaning the battery will be able to some extent to increase the heat transfer coefficient.The fact is that a layer of accumulated dust and dirt negative impact on the radiators, reducing its effectiveness.

also worth checking whether all sections of the same battery warms.If one or more compartments are significantly different temperature from the other, the most likely problem is that the battery is internally clogged.In this case you need to call home specialist, who, using special tools, carry out cleaning and return the circulation of hot water inside the battery back to normal.

Increasing the area of ​​battery

raise the level of heat can be by increasing the area of ​​the ba

ttery - the warmth of the room will be distributed more evenly and the room starts to warm up faster.This can be done in the following way - put on a central heating radiator metal casing, surpassing the size of the battery itself.As for the material of the metal plate, it is primarily necessary to pay attention to aluminum as the material has high thermal conductivity.

Artificial Air

warm air to move quickly deep into the room, next to the fan batteries can be set that will provide the most effective air circulation without letting it cool down before it reaches the remote areas of the room.

insulation wall for battery

This method is considered the most effective, and in combination with the previous methods could give altogether surprising results.Thus, the greater the difference in temperature values ​​between the battery and the wall behind it, the greater the heat loss, since most of it will be absorbed into the cold wall.This is a fairly common problem, because the central heating radiators often located under the windows, which are located on the outer walls of the building, as they are known, the coldest.To heat escapes into the room, and not in the wall, the wall must hold the insulation of the battery.

As insulation can serve a variety of materials: penofol, izolon, polireks or plain corrugated cardboard, foil wrap.