Currently, there are different types of insulation, made of different materials.This, for example, glass fiber, the ones that are called colloquially glassy.These materials produce different companies, the most famous - Knauf, Ursa, Isover.Typically, these products are used to protect metal and plastic.But on top should definitely lay more and more dense materials, such as roofing material or fiberglass.
There are also various kinds of basalt heaters.They are usually made in the form of cylinders of basalt fiber.This material is convenient and easy to install, tube placed directly on the cylinder.But they are not cheap, but usually have the upper protective layer
of tar paper, glassine paper, foil or.
most frequent insulated material for water pipes - a Styrofoam or foam.With this material protects pipe both indoors and outdoors.Expanded polystyrene is the outer cover or without it.The shell of this heater can be put reusable communication without using special trays.
Fit the thermal insulation shells can own, the case is simple and requires no special knowledge and skills.Take half-shells of insulation - such as to conform to the inner diameter of the tubes.Put them on the tube , shifting relative to each other in the 100 - 200 mm, to form overlap.All joints are held together by a conventional adhesive tape.
If technology need surface protection material, mount on top of it.Again fasten the joints with duct tape.Use knots, corners and bends pipes special shaped shell.They pick up at the desired shape and size.