Tip 1: How to warm water

such trouble as the frozen water or heating, lies in wait for anyone who leaves the room in the winter, not blowing pipe and otaplivaya it.You can talk about the short-sightedness of the owners of these houses, but what they do in this situation?There are a few proven ways to help you cope with this problem and avoid it in the future.
Metal pipes can warm up by using a gas burner.To do this, you first need to remove the pipe insulation.Then, turn the burner flame and send it directly to the pipe.Open the tap to the melt water to flow freely, then you will be able to see when an ice jam has melted, and the tap water from the pressure will come out of the tap.Begins with the end in which the water has little or no.So moving along the tube, you melt all the ice.Metal pipes, which are laid in the ground at a shallow depth warming up, spreading them over the fire.This is best done using coal.
If frozen metal pipes, then to warm them with a gas burner or a campfire will fail.In order
to warm up such pipes have a little sweat.
Take a plastic tube, is quite tough.The hose is then not go.Its outer diameter should be smaller than the inner diameter of frozen pipes, and a crane, which the pipe ends.You also need the capacity of 100 liters and a pump.In the barrel you have to have hot water, which constantly need to be heated.
Insert the plastic tube into the hole of frozen pipes and turn on the pump that will pump hot water into the tube.Gradually, the ice will melt, and the pipe will be promoted further.When out of the pipe starts to whip the water, then you have struck the ice cap.Pull the tube and close the valve.
This method is suitable only for pipes that do not have tight bends, otherwise the tube through which hot water will go, just do not pass on.

Tip 2: How to warm up well

The well is designed to provide drinking water to country cottages in the absence of a central water supply system.In the harsh winter with insufficient insulation, water can be nipped by the frost.To the pipes do not burst, you should immediately start work on warming the water.
How to warm up well
you need
  • - copper wire;
  • - plug;
  • - hook;
  • - rubber gloves;
  • - pliers;
  • - a sharp knife;
  • - hot water;
  • - compressor.
to warm frozen well , use the services of professionals who have all the necessary equipment and carry out all the work in a short time.Cost depends on the region where you live, but in any case it is accessible to most people.
If you do not plan to use the services of outsiders, prepare, rubber gloves, copper cable, plug.
Strip the cable with a sharp knife, wrap it around the well.On the other end of the cable fasten the plug, the plug Attach an iron hook, wear rubber gloves and throw with the cable to the positive lead.After 1.5-2 hours, remove the cable, connect the pump, turn on the tap.This method is very efficient, cost-effective and helps to quickly warm up the well and pipes central water supply.But it has a major drawback.Making "nakidushku" on the wires is strictly prohibited and may result in huge fines.
second way to unfreeze the well - is the use of very hot water, you will be served in a frozen pipe under high pressure by the compressor.
any pipe located well above ground level at 30-50 cm. First, you need to warm up the upper pipe.Boil a large bucket of water, pour a pipe rising above ground level.Often, even this method is enough to unfreeze the pipe, as the freeze only the top layer of soil.If the water did not go, connect the compressor to the pre-fixing pipe vacuum cover.
Install pressure compressor at around 2, blow pipe with hot water.
To further prevent freezing well before the onset of winter perform insulation works.Around wells do lathing, tamp it with a thick layer of insulating material.
the future.Do not leave the country house for the winter, do not shut off the water and blowing all heating pipes and water pipe on the site and in the house.