Before connect the boiler , should be familiar with the existing regulations for the place of installation.Area where the boiler is located, should be no less than four square meters, with a ceiling height of not less than two and a half meters and a width of the doorway at least eighty centimeters.The room must be present for the opening of the inflow of air from outside and the window for light.

In the upper part of the room should be to equip the channel of natural ventilation, and necessary to have a separate machine located at the source of electricity.The modern equipment facilities for gas boiler includes a gas leakage detec

tor (gas analyzer) and the safety valve to turn off the gas supply in case of emergency.

Before connect the boiler , should reduce the risk of possible accidents.For safe operation of the gas boiler must be ensured uninterrupted supply of electricity.To this end, connected to the mains voltage, protection against disconnection of the boiler at the poor quality of power supply.The very same boiler must be grounded and bring to a separate switch, preferably automatically.

choosing the place where you are going to install the boiler , remember that it should be a separate entrance and be well ventilated to keep oxygen: it is necessary for operation of the burner and the wick.The boiler must not be installed close to the wall: the required distance from him - thirty to fifty centimeters.The boiler is connected to the chimney, which must have a minimum number of bends and elbows and a diameter of not less than the diameter of the neck of the boiler.

boiler connection to the gas mains must be done with a special standard gas pipeline intended for this purpose, and connections must comply with existing state standards.Do not install the boiler below the general level of the floor or lower floors in the spaces for the boiler room.