to start with planning future water supply systems.It should be easy to estimate the scheme in accordance with the plan of the house or apartment, determine the number of pipes and fittings for its installation, placement of cranes and locking elements.Once you have finished, it is better again to run through the list of eyes, to go with him from room to room and make sure that you have not forgotten anything.
desirable for each sanitary unit in the building, whether it is a sink or drain the tank, buy crane valve, so you can always cut off the water at any particular site is not disconnected from the power the whole house.
Remove the water.The first rule when removing water pipe or sewage - it is off
the water supply.Usually on the "input" are ball valves, which cover the water.Once you have blocked the water, you can begin to dismantle.
Do not try to break the old pipe, disassemble them, just in case they do not lend themselves to use a saw or grinder.After that you have to stay a piece of pipe that will stick out from the taps of at least nine or ten centimeters.They need to be carefully removed by screwing to adapters that will be needed to install your new water supply.
pipeline is of several types.From the steel, which is known to all, to the pipeline of polypropylene and metal plastic.Polypropylene require soldering, and therefore it is mounted only by professionals, but the metal and plastic and steel can sochlenyat himself.
Before you begin, make sure that you have at hand all the necessary tools and materials.When installing the pipe, remember that the fittings are generally elongate pieces of pipe by 3-5 cm, it is necessary to take into account when you make the pipe segments.Avoid clogging cavity tubes, do not use the defective material and one that is cracked, chipped, etc..
Installation usually start from the corner of the input pipe into the room while moving clockwise along the walls, leavingtaps on plumbing and inserting taps and valves.
After this work is necessary for a week to look after the running water yet.If there was a leak - a drop of water appears on the joints, do not worry about it.She should keep aloof (drag) a couple of days.