you need
  • - acrylic insert;
  • - enamel and hardener;
  • - brush.
Measure your bath, to find a suitable acrylic liner.Wash plumbing with good degreasing agent.Mark out and cut out holes for drainage and overflow.The insert is fixed by a special two-component adhesive composition or foam.
acrylic bathtub insert their old.Drain holes and edge products tightly Dock.After that, fill the bathtub with water and leave for eight hours, it will allow the liner to bond well to the substrate.Remove the protective film and can use the new bath to the destination.
To cover the new bath enamel, prepare the surface to work.Sprinkle plumbing scouring powder such as "Pemolyuks" and right on the tool works with an abrasive stone.Remove all dirt formed.The surface is treated with a degreasing compound.
fill the bath with hot water and pour it in ten minutes.The walls and the floor thoroughly with a clean, lint-free cloth.You should have a smooth and dry surface for further work.
to prepare primer working solution by mixing hardener and enamel.Apply the product on the surface of the bath and let it dry thoroughly.
Enamel bath.Such work is well suited flat brush made of natural hair.Paint clearly and accurately - bubbles and streaks are unacceptable.Enamel can be sprayed from aerosol cans.But the disadvantage of this embodiment is that the composition in them does not contain a hardener.
most reliable enamelling get when applying its compressor.
Outside bath can ennoble and surround tile.New enamel can cover the entire bath, and revitalize and decorate her outside, try using the decoupage technique together with cracelures.In the new paint stick figures carved out of bright napkins.Apply a coat of two-component spray effect cracked surface.