you need
  • Roulette, a piece of paper, a pen, bath, support legs, siphon, construction silicone, ceramic tile, mix for tile, grout, gypsum board.
Remove the size of the bathroom with the help of a tape measure and decide how you install the bath.Most often installed in the corner of the bath, sometimes very close to one wall.
Click bath specialty store, focusing on the size of the room, as well as the location of the sewer pipe and utilities faucets.
After delivering purchases assemble bath, feet and siphon.By installing a siphon, put on cuffs and sealing washers that are on the outside of the bath, construction silicone.Spinning fixing nuts, remove excess silicone sponge o
r cloth.
Wait 24 hours for the silicone froze.Previously, the water can not fill.
Make sealing connecting joints using cement that in the future you will be able to paint enamel, so it was no different from the color of the bathroom.
installing a bath, you can completely cover it with tiles or plastic.Of course, the first embodiment is more reliable and practical.But tiling should prepare a foundation, while sufficient for the pair of guide plastic top and bottom.
So, to build a bath in the room and make it visually monolithic with the interior, prepare the mortar for laying tile and the foundation under it.Typically a plasterboard wall.
installing drywall on trained guides, you can start laying tile.
When the tiles will lie powertrowel seams sealed grout, which will protect the structure against leakage.