In some cases, you need to remove water

necessity of draining the water heater may occur not only in preparation for the winter, but in other situations, such as:

- need cleaning;
- water heater is defective for several reasons;
- move the machine to another location;
- there is no water supply, and need to dial it from the water heater.

Drain the water from the boiler

order not to spoil the unit before performing any maintenance or repair is necessary to carefully read the instructions for its use.

Next, perform the following steps:

- observing safety regulations, the unit must be shut down - disconnect power from the mains;

- then unacceptably immediately start the flow of water.Hot water should be cool, opening the faucet on her serve, or simply wait for cooling.

further drain the wat
er can be done in several ways:

When you connect a standard recommended by the manufacturer.This scheme involves the installation of the boiler connection tee to the tap between the safety valve and the water heater inlet.Procedure for draining the following:

- block cold water pipe with a crane;
- open the faucet, drain the remnants of hot water from the water heater;
- without closing the tap mixer, open the tap and pour water through it;
- after a complete draining off the tap.

In some wiring diagrams shutoff valve is not installed.

In a simplified connection.In this scheme, a tee connection and tap available.The water is drained using a special trigger-lever (flag), located on the safety valve.The descent of water through it to perform easy: you simply have to press the lever.Procedure:

- close the valve on the hot water supply;
- open the mixer, dump the hot water;
- on the safety valve to press the check box and drain the water.

disadvantage of this option, drain the water - long waiting times.Draining can last for 1.5-2 hours (depending on the capacity of the tank).

Water can be drained also by means of the safety valve by unscrewing it counterclockwise.In this case, it is recommended to install a hose to the valve base, since the beginning of the discharge water pressure is great.Gradually, the pressure will subside.

If the scheme does not provide a direct conduit to drain the water into the sewer, you can use a hose.In the first method the drain hose to the drain valve is worn, the second - on the tip lever.The hose can be pulled into the sewer.

To air enters the cylinder and displaces water at the sink need to release hot water pipe.

In other cases, the water drained from the boiler makes sense if it is not operated for a long time (six months or more).