in stores specializing in the sale of heating equipment can pick up the boiler , for solid fuel.Thanks to modern technology in the retail network present a broad range of solid fuel boilers.By classification, they are divided into classical and gas generators (pyrolysis).Before you opt for one or the other product, calculate the power that you need for heating.
not guided by a certain area of ​​the heated building.Certainly boilers characterization given to the indicated yardage, but there is always a little uncertainty.In the case of solid fuel boilers plus or minus ten
degrees, not a problem.Thus, not every boiler suit any home.
not buy boiler , which is designed to power a single area, and your twice.In this case, the equipment will fail prematurely, since you have to squeeze the maximum out of it.On the economy say in this case is not necessary.
It will reduce the durability and the fact if you buy pot with the stock.Such boiler fuel burns only half, the remainder settles into a resin-condensation in the chimney.
determine the model solid fuel boiler.Preference is given to the boiler with a protective casing, with the function of continuous burning and hob if it is installed in the kitchen.
exchanger made of cast iron are more durable and have high heat capacity Choose the type of boiler, which uses the fuel, which is more accessible to you.With its boilers with cast iron heat exchanger.
to save time and fuel, select the solid-gasification boiler .Such boiler provide maximum performance and service life.It is more environmentally friendly.It must be less than the net.In these boilers the fuel supply automatically.Pellets (fuel for the pyrolysis boilers) are sold in packaging that is an economic benefit for storage and transportation.However, gasification (pyrolysis) boiler much more expensive than the classic boiler.
choice has stopped on the model of the solid fuel boiler, which is more in line with the area of ​​your premises, availability of fuel at the price, and you probably will rejoice your purchase.