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determine the size of future shower cabin.To do this with a tape vymeryat space left in the bathroom under the shower Area .Special attention is paid to this aspect, if you have a small bathroom: there are unacceptable mistakes, otherwise shower Area (if you buy a size larger position) simply does not fit in the room.
Of course, if you have a bathroom large, categorical when choosing the size of your shower enclosure is inappropriate in which case the higher value will play the other selection criteria per capita boxing.
When selecting the size of your shower enclosure, do not forget that there is an important indicator as the minimum space around the shower stall, washbasin and other interior bathroom.From this point of view, an importa
nt evaluation criterion is the ability to properly approach the shower stall and easily open the door.
To save space can choose shower area with sliding or folding doors.
Note tightness submitted to your attention the shower stall.Given this assessment criterion, it is advisable to choose a shower Area from the manufacturer, providing a multi-year warranty on their product.
When choosing a shower enclosure is also important your financial opportunities.For example, if you can afford to buy durable glass shower boxing or stop for a plastic shower enclosure, which in a few years of daily use will lose its former form (for example, low-grade plastic by contact with hot water turbid).