Tip 1: How to fix battery

If your battery began to leak - it's time to do its repair.If the leakage Dividing - just change gasket.If it is a fistula - is necessary to replace the entire section.Practice shows that in such a case, try to repair the battery by cold welding or adhesives do not bring the desired results.
you need
  • - pipe wrench,
  • - hammer,
  • - hacksaw,
  • - paronitovye gasket.
Disconnect the battery from the heating system.
Remove the radiator.
Put battery on the floor, face up so that the right-hand thread has appeared on your right and the left - the left.
Take a pipe wrench and unscrew the plug on the side, which is closer to the flowing section.To do this, you first need to knock hammer on the end caps, and then use the key to turn on them.
Take radiator key and put it up on the connection plate section to section, in need of repair.
Make a mark on the key.
Insert the key into the bottom hole and turn it until then
, until the match point.You start it with a lower opening, aseven at the bottom of the radiator heating is switched off moisture.Therefore, unscrew the nipple with the lower hole will be easier.
Unscrew the nipple from the top of the hole.In order to "stir up" the upper connection, unscrew the nipple to three turns and tighten the back two turns.
In the same way, remove the nipple from the other side flowing section.
If unscrew any of the nipples failed Saw his hacksaw.
Remove the remnants of the old gaskets and smooth out the surface of the filler.
Take a new pin and put it on him paronitovye pad exactly in the center.
Insert the threaded section.Slightly fix.
repeat the same manipulations with the second nipple.
Place the section of the radiator so that they match.
Insert radiator key in any of the nipples and lightly tighten.
After the first pin "hook", you must move on to another.Nipples twist slowly, one by one.It is important to avoid distortions.Tighten the nipple should be tight as possible.
If you can not replace a section radiators, eliminate leaks can be another way.Using a steel rope with knots, clean the damaged joint.Take the narrow linen tape and apply to it a mixture of epoxy and aluminum powder.Tightly wrap 3-4 layers of tape on the spill area.Put on top of a metal clamp with bolt and tighten it tightly.

Tip 2: How to fix battery

Do not throw in a landfill rechargeable battery in case of malfunction.Applying some of the techniques can be almost completely restored its performance and service life.
How to fix battery
you need
  • battery electrolyte, distilled water, a soldering iron, lead solder, rechargeable mastic
Look carefully battery battery.Identify mechanical damage, cracks in the banks may leak electrolyte, the presence of dirt on poverhnosti.Ochen often elevated self-discharge the battery is removed by wiping the surface between the terminals.Take the time to disassemble the battery in case of a bad charge on the car.Check the tension and condition of the belt of the generator, the voltage across the battery terminals with the engine running at medium speed.It should be in the range 13.8 - 14.1 V. In case of difference, adjust or replace the relay controller.
Spend control cycle - fully charge the battery and discharge current, the value of which corresponds to: I = C / 10 (A), where C - nominal capacity of the battery (A / h) .If battery chargeBattery may be some signs that point to the nature of the problem: 1) if the battery is charging the battery is bad, that is,the charging current increases slowly with increasing voltage charger current, this sulfation plates of the battery; 2) if during charging audible characteristic hiss in one cell, strongly heated one of the terminals of the battery, the charge current changes abruptly, it means that in theone cell is no connection between the terminal and the block plates, and 3) if the charge current is set normally, but in one or several banks growing slowly or does not increase the density of the electrolyte, and an hour after the start of the battery charge is heated bottom cans, this closure plates chippedactive massoy.Pri normal parameters should be fully charged battery battery, let it cool down for approximately 2-3 hours, measure and record the density in each bank.A day later again, measure the density of the electrolyte.In the case of strong downward, indicating that the elevated self-discharge, change the electrolyte.To do this, first fully charge the battery, drain the old electrolyte, wash the battery with distilled water and fill with fresh electrolyte.Charge the battery and check for self-discharge.If it is a little, spend a controlling charge-discharge cycles to assess its capacity.During the control of the discharge of the battery voltage reduction to spend up to 1.8 V. The capacity of the battery will be equal to:
C = TxI, where C - capacity of the battery (A / h), T - discharge time (h), I - discharge current (A).
For the discharge of the battery can be used automotive bulbs.
Eliminate sulfation plates, which comes from a systematic undercharge, do not use distilled water, pollution of the electrolyte, long-term storage battery in a discharged state.Spend a controlling charge-discharge cycles, but the charging current and the discharge must comply with 25 percent of normal.They spend as long as the capacity of the battery will not be close to the nominal.The foam, which in this case would appear to remove.Restore miscommunication in one of the jars.This is possible if the battery is disassembled.Hacksaw to saw the jumpers that connect the defective jar with neighboring banks clean the lid of a jar from the unit and remove the mastic plate of banks.Rinse the plate with distilled lessons vodoy.Osmotrite block, get the contact is broken.Contact recovered by soldering the soldering iron capacity of 100-200 watts.Strip the space for soldering to shine, cover rosin or stearin.Pike produce pure lead, tin and other solders used strictly nelzya.Ustanovite block plates in place (observe polarity) cut solder jumpers.Heat the mastic to a liquid fill the gap between the lid and the housing.
In the manufacture of the electrolyte in the vessel should first pour distilled water and then add a thin stream of sulfuric acid.Pour water into acid forbidden!Skin contact with sulfuric acid, immediately rinse the spot with running water and wipe it with a solution of baking soda.When charging the battery can not use an open flame, and the room should be well ventilated.
Helpful Hint
Use only high-quality electrolyte and distilled water.Control the relay controller and charging from the generator.Keep the battery in chistote.Odin every three months, carry out a full charge the battery from the charger.
  • repair automotive batteries
Helpful Hint
Once you have sorted out the radiator, it must be rinsed.

If you bet on the nipple rubber seal, its thickness shall not be less than three millimeters.