Cleaning the burner.

To clean the burner first of all disconnect the device and turn off the gas supply.
Remove the handle, trim, remove the burner and disconnect it from the collector.Brush sweep up the dust from the outer surfaces of the burner and the collector, with a damp cloth, wipe the last.
Small cleaning brush clean the internal parts of the burner.Clean the spark plug electrodes and the flame sensor of a deposit and strip their contacts.Thoroughly rinse the inner section of the burner and its surface.
Rinse under running water, dry and replace.The content of the burner clean protect the heat exchanger from contamination by soot and increase service life.
Cleaning heat exchanger.

Polluted heat exchanger is required to spend it cleaning and cleaning pipes, when they form a scum.
To remove the soot, the heat exchanger must be removed and dipped in a hot solution of soap or other detergents.

hold on the item and take 10-15 minutes cleaning the upper and lower surfaces with a soft brush.Rinse strong jet of water, if necessary, repeat these steps.
To eliminate scum, remove heat and place in a large container.Prepare a 10% citric acid solution (100 grams of acid per 1 liter of warm water).Fill the prepared solution of the heat exchanger and leave for 10-15 minutes, then drain.Thoroughly flush the pipeline with water, if necessary, repeat the process.